Share your Snippets with inSnippet

Web Sharing

Share your code SnippetsinSnippet makes it simple to share one of your Snippets with a friend, team member or larger group. Just click the 'Copy Weblink' option to generate a short URL that displays your Snippet, nicely syntax highlighted, in a web browser.

You can later revoke access to any of your shared snippets by using the Disable Weblink option.

Create an archive of your Clipboard

Clipboard Archive

Clipboard Archive ManagerinSnippet is the perfect clipboard archiving solution for your mac. No need to continually swap out the contents of your local clipboard, just copy all your chosen clips straight into inSnippet.

Reusing any of your snippets is a breeze. Just scroll through to locate the one you want, click copy and it's back in your macs clipboard - ready and waiting for you.

Team sharing of code snippets

Team Collaboration

Share your code SnippetsinSnippet supports multiple logins at any one time, making it simple for a team of developers working together, to be able to share snippets between one and other.

Create an inSnippet account with an email address used for your group, and every team member can sign in with the same details and take advantage of the easy sharing and collaboration features.

inSnippet command line tool

Command Line Tool

Wouldn't it be great if you could use inSnippet straight from the Command Line? Well you can. Just execute the following bit of code in Terminal.

curl -L | sh
Simply pipe your output straight into your inSnippet archive using '| iscopy' like the example below:
cat /path/to/file.txt | iscopy